How much is inefficient collaboration costing you?

If your project has experienced delays, spend overages, labor issues or communication friction, GS Ferguson, an owners representative/project management firm can help. GSF has extensive experience in unwinding under performing project conditions to help get your project back on track — delivering greater certainty on schedules and costs, increased productivity, and reduced onsite disruptions.

The GSF Way

GS Ferguson can transform your projects process and workflow — so you can more intelligently manage the changing dynamics inherent in complex construction projects.

Right Tracking

Extensive experience in unwinding under performing onsite conditions and re-establishing harmony: communication, coordination and momentum

Right Tracking

  • Extensive experience in unwinding under performing onsite conditions
  • Re-establishes order, communication and coordination for all stakeholders
  • Optimizing efficiencies and integrating entire value chain
  • Establishing harmony and an operating rhythm throughout workforce
  • Proven, repeatable workflows and processes to drive greater efficiencies

Owner Mindset

Information presented as Actionable Intelligence — data that drives better cost/value decision-making

Owner Mindset

  • Information presented as Actionable Intelligence — data that drives better decision-making
  • Direct access to key project experts 24/7
  • Big picture view: from managing multiple assets to enterprise-level initiatives
  • Alignment of multiple stakeholder objectives
  • Scrutinize everything; granular level focus
  • Understand dynamic workplace challenges (remote users, COVID)

Forward Thinking

We anticipate construction issues and present / implement solutions before they can impact budgets and schedules

Forward Thinking

  • Decades of hands-on and experienced people to identify obstacles early
  • Solutions presented/implemented before they can impact budgets and schedules
  • Forward-looking insights help ensure minimum impact on project
  • Transforms problem-solving from reactive to predictive
  • Mitigates project operational and functional risk.

Unparalleled Network

Battle-tested people and resources insulate your project from vulnerabilities around supply chain, labor and skills shortages

Unparalleled Network

  • Robust network of battle-tested and trusted people, partners and resources
  • Insulates project from vulnerabilities around global supply chain, labor and skills shortages.
  • Provides alternate sourcing strategies, as necessary
  • Nimble; able to respond faster to any challenges or obstacles

The challenges we solve

Cost Uncertainty

Miscommunication, labor shortages, supply chain disruptions – all can directly impact costs. Through experience, strategic sourcing and implementing proven, repeatable workflow processes, GSF helps you better anticipate real-word costs.

Schedule Slippage

Changing industry realities have signifigantly increased delays. By meticulously managing and tracking all project activities, GSF generates the crucial information and insights that enable dynamic scheduling – keeping your projects on track and on time.

Project Misalignment

When work is delegated among multiple trades, small issues upstream can compound quickly leading to real impact on your bottom line. By setting objectives with clear communications, GSF builds a culture of harmony: connected, synchronized and accountable teams.

Competing Objectives

Architect requirements, CFO mandates, owner’s rep obligations – Different stakeholders frequently have different priorities. GSF works to understand the drivers behind each priority then develops a path forward to satisfy all stakeholder objectives.

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The Benefits We Deliver


  • Accelerated Build Times
  • More Efficient Team Management
  • Schedule Certainty
  • Hard & Soft Vendor Coordination


  • Enhanced Project Visibility
  • More Agile Decision-Making
  • Reduced Spending
  • Accountability


  • Reduced Uncertainties
  • Risk Insula tion
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Earlier Obstacle Identification


  • Creating Project Harmony
  • Establishing an Operating Rhythm
  • Nimble &mdasy; Faster Response Times

The services we provide

GSF will carefuly evaluate your objectives, your current circumstances and any other key factors then recommend a tailored strategy for right-tracking your project. Some of our services include:

  • Budget Development
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Contractor Oversite & Coordination
  • Cost Administration
  • Design Team Management
  • Establish and Direct Project Closeout
  • Fully-Managed Bid/Award Process
  • Initial Site Evaluations
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Owners Representation
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Preconstruction
  • Relocation Support
  • Scheduling and Milestone Planning
  • Scrutinize Requests for Payment
  • Strategic Planning Sourcing and Procurement
  • Sustainable Technologies

Select Clients

International Union of Operating Engineers
International Monetary Fund
NBC Universal
Fire Department of New York
Steel Workers Union of New York and Long Island
Vanbarton Group

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The people that deliver

  • Gregory Ferguson Gregory Ferguson
  • J. Scott Ferguson J. Scott Ferguson


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